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Our Story

Hover was launched in the year 2016 in Texvalley, Erode. Since then the brand has grown by leaps and bounds with its precise strategies. Hover is one of the superior brand for a classy home linen and decor products, possessed by Live home. Had been the novelty of home fashion in the Indian market and stood up with a desire of creating retail stores throughout India by dint of yielding franchise. Hover's core strength is in the area of hospitality linen, bed linen, bath linen, kitchen linen, decor linen  and decor product technologies and we will continue.

Creating new theme 

we regularly update new themes and designs 

We Take Sustainability Seriously

our products are made by an exporters in 7 different locations .we always use eco-friendly dyes which is safer on your skin and environment 

Supporting Local Products

our 40% products are made in Handlooms 

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