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PAN AROMAS - Home Fragrance Product for Decor & Gifting


The diffuser offers a continuous aroma without having to light a candle because it is made from fiber reeds which gently absorbs the fragrance and Diffuser it within the area of its used.

An Elegant vanilla beans blend, creating  a warm, relaxing ambience. Our vanilla fragrance capture the special qualities of it's buttery smooth texture on our Product. Light roast blend of beans, enriching & traditional. The fragrance will whisk you away to the french countryside & leave you with a satisfying feelings.

A Colorful, Compact and Perfect Home Fragrance Gift Set for Personal Use, Housewarming, Occasions, Events, Parties, Festivals and Promotion.


Product Content: Box containing 100ml-Blue Lavender Fragrance diffuser Oil & 6 Fiber Reeds.


Product of India


100ml Crystal Collection Reed Diffuser

SKU: 0101
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  • ow to Use

    "1. Unscrew the glass bottle, put the reed sticks into the glass bottle.

    2. Horizontally placed on any platform, and the reed sticks slowly releases the flavor.

    3. This aroma emits scent through reed sticks.

    4.Placing 5-6 reed sticks are recommended. 

    5. If you think the flavor is not strong enough, you can use more reed sticks. 

    6. It is expected to last 45-60 days."

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